Who am I?

My name is Lindsay Went. I’m 45 years old and married to Kristy. We have a six year old daughter, Cassandra.

I am a fully qualified teacher with a Bachelor of Arts and a Diploma of Primary Education which I received from the University of Sydney. I subsequently studied Gifted Education in some detail. I tutored for over 20 years with Kumon, Kip McGrath and Pre-Uni before deciding to establish my own private practice. I have been teaching in the public school system for nearly 22 years and I have taught full time for 7 years.

I have been tutoring since I was a first year university student. I worked throughout my university studies for Kumon as a senior assistant, later on I became involved with Kip McGrath Education Centres. I worked with them for a decade. I have also worked occasionally for Pre-Uni, a selective school coaching college.

I love chess and play it fairly well. However, one of the things that you discover when you get ‘fairly’ good at something is that a lot of people are still better than you!

I feel confident about teaching English and Maths because I have a passion for them and that’s given me the knowledge base to teach them effectively to children.

Contact me for a free assessment via lindsayewent@gmail.com
or by calling 0422 817 347.

Lindsay Went