My primary goal is to help your child become a lifelong learner who has the necessary academic skills and personal qualities to be successful in school and life.

I want to help children acquire a passion for learning because a passionate learner is a successful learner!

I believe learning cannot be completely separated from the home environment. Tutoring is a partnership and I am willing to give you any help that I am able to give in developing a better home learning environment for your family.

Tutoring should be passionate, challenging, fun, collaborative and exciting. Your children need to be involved in their learning and they need to be challenged at their level.

I believe in their capacity of my students to make personal bests, which are celebrated with enthusiasm.

Effective communication between tutor, parents and children is vital. I involve the children in this process because your children will learn more if they feel that tutoring is something that they do, not something that is done to them.

It’s important that I provide a true service. I am not comfortable taking students that I think could have their needs met better elsewhere. I seek to foster independence, persistence and confidence in your children, because these qualities mean so much in the long run. I keep those long term goals in mind for each session.

Randy Pausch, The last lecture. .

Your children will think they are learning about reading, writing, science, chess and the other things that we cover together, but they will really be learning about the value of persistence, of having a passion for what they do and of having a purpose in mind when they commence a task. These are traits that will hold them in good stead all their lives.

Randy’s last lecture can be found on YouTube.

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Lindsay Went