We came to Lindsay from a large Tutoring company after not seeing any real significant improvement with her school work as well as Miss Lara starting to make excuses as to not wanting to go to her lessons.
Lindsay holds small group sessions which in turn gives more personal attention to each child. He's classes are always new and fresh as Lara comes home with new knowledge each week.
I find that he is patient, funny, professional, knowledgeable and above all has a real interest in seeing his students improve and excel.
In Lara's words he is "smart and cool and the best teacher in the world.”
We highly recommend Lindsay as the first choice for your child's advancement in schooling.
Suzanne Hanna, mother and small business owner and Lara Hanna, student

I would like to highly recommend Lindsay Went as an educator.
He has tutored our son Daniel for approximately 6 months. During this time, I have seen Daniel become more confident with his schoolwork. Lindsay has enabled him to become more adept at maths in particular.
Lindsay has been very patient and has showed the ability to adapt work to meet our son’s particular requirements.

Sally Pankhurst, mother and teacher

Lindsay is a wonderful teacher. He is caring, patient and is able to explain things in a way that is easy for a child to understand.
Furthermore he is encouraging, supportive and gives a child the space to learn in their own style and pace.
I would highly recommend him for any child who needs a little bit of extra help or for those who want to progress ahead.
Ramya Laha, mother and accountant

Lindsay is a highly skilled, effective teacher who has an excellent rapport with his students. I have taught with him over the years since 1996 and found him to be a motivated, caring teacher who gets the best out of his students. I have no hesitation in recommending him to achieve success with your child.
Michael Lai, teacher and tutor

I have known Lindsay for over 20 years in both a personal and professional capacity. When my son needed help for exam preparation, Lindsay was the first person I turned to. Lindsay is a teacher who understands how children think, who tailors his teaching to the child’s individual learning style and a teacher who shares his passion for learning with his students. My son loved his lessons. I highly recommend Lindsay’s services. Sarah Oluk, mother and celebrant.

Thank you for your tutoring services, you are the best tutor. I really appreciate your hard work. My 2 daughters thoroughly enjoyed working with you. Your enthusiasm and dedication are obvious to see.
Amnie Radwan, mother of 4 children tutored by Lindsay

From my employer for 6 years…
Lindsay has worked effectively and efficiently with younger children with reading problems, primary age children with English and Mathematics deficiencies and secondary Mathematics and English students to Year 8 level as well as helping prepare the more capable children for OC or selective entrance tests.
He is a very capable teacher and has motivated the children to give of their best in almost all circumstances and the children under his care have enjoyed working with him and made a good rate of progress.
He has readily established a great rapport with both the students in his care and the parents of those children. His professional expertise and innovation were greatly appreciated by parents and fellow teachers.
Lindsay has always been punctual and reliable. He has taken a professional approach to his job, dressed appropriately.
I am sure that he would serve well in any area of employment that he sought, and that he would be a great asset in that workplace.
Peter Beauchamp B.Sc., Dip Ed Former Director, Kip McGrath Education Centres, Bankstown and Chester Hill

I could go on and on about the attributes that make Lindsay a highly competent teacher but this seems to have been extensively addressed already. I guess what it comes down to, for me, is whether I would entrust Lindsay to tutor my own child. The answer is a resounding yes. His passion and enthusiasm for teaching are rare commodities in this day and age. Students love to be taught by him and are immediately put at ease due to his calm and re-assuring style. Brett Sullivan, teacher.

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Lindsay Went