How much do you charge?
$45 per session.

How long is a session?
Sessions are 1 hour and 15 minutes long.

Where do sessions occur?
Sessions occur in the front room of my house. This room has been modified to suit the purpose.

Do you offer any discounted fees?
Yes. For 2 or more sessions per week the price is $40 a session.

What days and times do you tutor?

Monday: 3 sessions: 4:15-5:30, 5:45-7:00 and 7:15-8:30.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 4:15-5:30, 5:45-7:00

Saturdays: 9:00-10:15, 10:30-11:45, 12:00-1:15,

2:00-3:15: 3:30-4:45.

How many students do you teach in a session?
I teach up to 4 students in a session, working individually.

Will you teach my children at my home?
No. I have far too many resources to take to someone else’s house.

Why do you have more than 1 student in a session?
All students in my regular sessions are following their own individual program. It can be distracting for students to have their teacher constantly watching them work. Effective tutoring requires the students to be given quality instruction followed by the opportunity to practise and develop their knowledge and skills. This allows room for more than 1 student in the session.

How do you determine what work my child will get?
Your child will complete a formal assessment at the time of enrolment. This assessment is comprehensive and will provide detailed feedback about the progress of your child. After a discussion with you and your child about what your goals for tutoring are, a detailed individual program will be set up for your child. That program will inevitably be adjusted with experience and progress, but it provides a good starting point.

What subjects do you teach?
I teach English K-8 and Maths K-10. I will accept 4 year olds for some before school preparation.

Do you do NAPLAN preparation?
All the work that your child does with me will assist their academic performance. Children who read fluently, who write clearly and who are capable at Mathematics will generally do well at the NAPLAN tests. Children who have not reached their grade level academically usually struggle with the NAPLAN. Completing lots of practice tests will do very little to improve their academic performance.

It is much better for your child to spend their time at tutoring on work that improves their English and Maths skills rather than NAPLAN testing. However, if your child hasn’t been doing any practice tests at school, I am happy to spend several sessions going through some practice tests and teaching them appropriate test taking techniques.

Why should I go with you?/
I am a skilled teacher who can explain concepts clearly and logically. I get on well with children and they enjoy coming to my sessions, which helps them learn. I use quality materials and resources with your children. I have over 20 years of experience in teaching and tutoring and this has given me the skills and knowledge to tutor successfully.

My Child Protection Certificate is available to view at anytime.

Contact me for a free assessment via
or by calling 0422 817 347.

Lindsay Went