What can you do to help my child write?

Firstly, I make sure they can read fluently. It’s hard to write well if you can’t read effectively. However, there’s a lot more to being a good writer than reading efficiently.

Good writers READ. I will help your child find books that interest them to read. Children who can read well, but rarely do, will not become good writers.

Far too much writing that children are asked to do at school is meaningless. Creativity and originality in writing is rarely encouraged. I will help your child find an audience to write to and this helps them enjoy writing. I encourage children to have fun with writing.

Above all, I write myself and I believe that makes me a better writing instructor. Unfortunately, many teachers do not read and write regularly, they coach the game but never played! This isn't the case in my tutoring centre!

Additionally, I devote time to improving the grammar and syntactic knowledge of my students. All writers need to understand formal English.

Contact me for a free assessment via lindsayewent@gmail.com
or by calling 0422 817 347.

Lindsay Went