How will you help my child in Maths?

I will introduce your child to simple techniques. In Maths, if you can do it EASILY, you can do it QUICKLY. Many methods that children are taught are slow and inefficient and contribute greatly to their loss of interest in the subject.

For children who have lost some of their confidence with Maths and are not doing well in the subject, it’s very important that they start experiencing success in Maths. Mathematics is a field where initial understandings are important later on.

If your child lacks understanding of key concepts, we need to address that first. We start from where your child is at and go from there.

I have an excellent range of pen and paper resources to provide teaching and practice in the areas of Maths where your child needs help. I also use some carefully selected online resources.

I’ve organised my resources by topic, making it easy for me to provide explanation and practice for your child while introducing resources that allow your child to progress further on their own, should they wish to. This approach has been very beneficial for my high school students.

I have over twenty separate Maths programs that I use with children as appropriate, including the full range of Ed Alive’s "Maths Made Easy" and "Braintastic" programs. These programs provide instruction and practice in an enjoyable manner.

Your children will be astonished when they discover that Mathematics can be both easy and fun.

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Lindsay Went