What can you do to help my child read?

I use the Fitzroy program to help your child read. The Fitzroy Readers and support materials use the phonics approach to literacy. The Readers were developed at the Fitzroy Community School (FCS), founded in 1976. The Fitzroy Method was originally designed for one purpose – developing reading confidence and mastery of English.

English consists of 26 letters and 44 sounds. Once children learn the 50 most common sight words then 95% of the other words we use can be sounded out. There is little guesswork involved in effective reading. The Fitzroy method works because it makes the process of learning how to read SIMPLE and it provides lots of SUCCESS with reading for children.

More information about the Fitzroy program can be found at Fitzprog.com.au.

Children need to know how to read and they need to know WHY we read. I will introduce your child to books that they will enjoy reading, I will read some books to your children and they will borrow books from my extensive personal library.

The Fitzroy program also helps children learn to SPELL effectively because it makes it clear to children whether words can be spelt as part of a pattern or whether the entire word needs to be remembered.

Children aren’t reading as much as previous generations did due to all of the additional entertainment options that are available to them, so it’s important to make space for it. Schools are not generally providing a lot of reading time for children so it needs to be made up for at home.

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Lindsay Went