I have all the resources associated with the Fitzroy reading program, including the computer software, the books, and the teacher resources.

I have over one hundred individual teacher resource books, most of which relate to English, Maths, Science and HSIE.

I have a variety of professional software which I use in English and Maths. The software allows for individual instruction and practice. My resources include the full range of Ed Alive software programs, which cover English and Mathematics K-8 in a variety of formats with over fifty individual programs, all linked to the national curriculum. I also use selected online resources, as necessary.

Encyclopaedia Britannica and MS Office are among the programs loaded on all of my computers.

My children's library takes up the best part of three bookcases and can be borrowed by children that I tutor as well being used when necessary in sessions. I have numerous practical resources.

I have all the resources that I need to teach your child properly and a few extra resources just in case!

Contact me for a free assessment via lindsayewent@gmail.com
or by calling 0422 817 347.

Lindsay Went